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    15 - 18/6/2017

  • Artists

Artists attending and performing in 2017

Věra Danilina - talented Russian guitarist, winner of many renown competitions

Thomas Fellow - prof. in Carl Maria von Weber University in Dreseden, Germany

Stephan Bormann - prof. in university in Dresden, Germany

Carlo Domeniconi - guitarist and composer well known all around the world

PhDr. Miloš Pokora - music critic, musicologogist and musical publicist

Ivana Bilej Brouková - soprano - Prague conservatory and Berlin's „Hochschule der Künste“ graduate

Stefano Viola - guitar virtuoso and musical pedagogue

Pavel Steidl - guitar virtuoso, teacher in HAMU in Prague

Prof. Milan Zelenka - prof. in HAMU in Prague unfortunately will be attending this year

Ozren Mutak - guitarist, teacher in Pilsner conservatory

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  • Informational leaflet of Open Guitar Festival 2017

Artists performing in previous years

Dale Kavanagh - prof. in Musikhochschule Detmold, Germany

Darko Petrinjak - prof. in musical academy in Zagreb (Croatia)

Christian Gruber - guitar virtuoso

Peter Maklar - guitar virtuoso

Istvan Römer - prof. in musical academy in Zagreb (Croatia)

Goran Listeš - prof. in musical academy in Split (Croatia)

Andrea de Vitis - Italian guitarist, winner of the annual 2015 Kutná Hora competition

Patrik Vacík - guitarist, teacher in the Prague conservatory

Matěj Freml - guitarist, assistant professor in JAMU in Brno

Barbora Martínková-Polášková - mezzo-soprano